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In Which I’ve Been Away And There Will Be Changes

6th February 2017

Hello, campers. You might have noticed this space has been quiet since November. I, unintentionally, gave myself a break. December simply got away from me and January was  … difficult. But I am here and I ready to dive into foodie goodness.

I would like to mix things up here for 2017; nothing too drastic, but changes none the less. I will be stepping away from publishing so many biscotti recipes this year. Not an easy decision, but one that centers around the fact that I am working on a side project involving biscotti and well … I’m hoarding the recipes at this point, and I hope to – one day in the near to far future – share them all with you. Never fear, though, if that’s why you come here, there will be one or two recipes will slip past my defenses and into your loving arms.

As for the rest of the changes you’ll see around here I have made the decision for the 2017 focus of the blog to be traditional dishes from around the world, because good food is for everyone.

I, as a person and a cook, celebrate and do my best to honor other cultures. I was raised in middle America, but have traveled widely and – outside of time spent in the country with my grandparents – never ate what one could consider a typical “all American” diet. I was lucky enough to have parents and other members of my extended family who did their level best to make me a citizen of the world, whether we left our sprawling metropolis or not (I urge all of you, if you have the ability to do so, to attend celebrations and dinners at local churches and halls celebrating different cultures: you get amazing food and some fun cultural experiences while never leaving your backyard … but if you have the opportunity to travel to distant lands, DO EET).

I hope you all will enjoy this foodie adventure I am taking you on. I want to do my best to share different ethnic culinary delights with you. After all, we are citizens of the world and we should celebrate each other as much as we can.

First up: Eastern Europe for some pierogi love (coming your way soon).

On My Radar

22nd January 2017

coffee ring

ONE // Victoria
Dear Masterpiece Theater: YASSSS. Although, the drama that has been infused into this show is, at times, a BIT much (who am I kidding, I AM EATING IT UP). We’re two episodes in, plenty of time to catch up, and you can find me every Sunday night on Twitter livetweeting the hell out of this (and every Masterpiece Theater) show.

TWO // Coffee Ring
GUYS … LOOKIT. Isn’t this the most precious little thing you’ve ever seen in your WHOLE LIFE? The loveliest of humans, Christina aka @librariansti, made it for me and I wear it with honor. I mean, come on: IT IS A TINY COFFEE CUP AND I CAN WEAR IT ON MY FINGER.

THREE // Baked Earl Grey Donuts with a Double Lemon Glaze
Make them. DO EET. You won’t be sorry. Plus since they’re baked they’re basically a health food. SHUT UP, YES THEY ARE. #allthedonuts

FOUR // Women’s March
Just look at the images (#WomensMarch). I still get chills. I marched in my hometown where 3,000 had preregistered, 11,000 had liked the Facebook page, and 20,000 beautiful souls showed up to march.