About Me

Welcome! I’m Carin and you’ve wandered your way into my wee corner of the interwebs. Here you’ll find me chronicling my pursuit of all things delicious, whether it be delectable edibles, artistic endeavors, words emblazoned on a page, or just this crazy thing we call life.

I’ve been cooking and baking since I had the ability to recognize it as a task. Screw not being able to reach the stove top, I made my fist sand pie as a toddler … I even taste-tested it; found it a bit gritty. Yes. I was (am) that child.

I learned how to cook at the elbow of my father, my mother (aka LindaG), and Edna Mae (aka G’ma). From them I learned all about the gestures of cooking and the science of baking; what worked, what didn’t. I learned that you didn’t need a recipe to put a good meal on the table – but you had better follow the recipe to the letter of the law when baking, ’cause some things you just can’t come back from.

Later in life I learned how to solve kitchen boo-boos by placing long distance phone calls and praying that Edna Mae was available for a quick chat and a laugh – because Google didn’t have anything on someone who’d been cooking for over eighty years. Edna Mae forgot more about cooking, baking, and ice cream making than I will ever hope to learn in my life. She was in her element in the kitchen (though she often professed she hated cooking); she’s my kitchen spirit animal.

My mother and father had a front-row seat for my kitchen disasters until I moved out (and yes, the kitchen was still standing when I left), but I still call home (usually in a panic, never in advance) when I try to make hamburger stroganoff, because no matter how many times I make it … I just can’t. Apparently, my sour cream to cream of mushroom soup to other stuff ratio is wrong. Or so I’ve been reliably told by the peanut gallery. Multiple times.

In short: not perfect; far from it; and proud of it.

Random things about yours truly:

Oxford Comma Supporter.
Book Aficionado.
Not Fashionable.
Hopeless at Math.
Chocolate Hobnob Devourer.
World Traveler.
Horrendous Speller.
Hater of Raisins.
Drinker of Tea. And Coffee.
Movie Quoter.
Semicolon User.
Useful Vintage Kitchen Gadget Collector; Case & Point: The Foley Food Mill
Known to Throw Paint Around on Canvas.
Grown Ass Child.
Full Justification Addict.
List Maker.
Foreign Language Butcherer.
Food Freak.
Never What You Expect.